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Our 5 biggest struggles

I’m sat here after having had a very late Sunday night with best friends and karaoke (I know, we’re so hip) we are slightly fragile and have definitely looked a whole lot better. We woke up this morning and realised that the fortnightly newsletter had slipped through the net of last weeks jobs and I now have 9 hours to write it, schedule it, cry a little, and market it - I can do this…

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6 hard lessons we have learnt

We have decided to put ourselves upfront and centre this week and share with you our own personal experience of running a business and the toughest lessons we have learnt so far. We find that it’s articles like this that have been the most beneficial to us when it comes to learning about other businesses experience and challenges. I hope you find something in here that you can apply to your business…

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5 steps to creating your own logo

Do you have a new business idea that is just a tiny spark of excitement? No budget, no idea, no plan but lots of drive? Yep. that sounds a bit like us 2 years ago. We started Betsy & Francis as experienced designers…We quickly learnt that being experienced designers was a teeny tiny drop in the ocean of what we actually needed to be to run a business successfully…

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