How to find the right brand designer for your business


You have decided to start your own business, you’re excited and raring to go, you are going to rule the world! All you need now is for a designer to come along and make your dream a reality, creating a solid brand that not only looks beautiful but makes your business a huge success. That should be pretty easy, right?

The truth is, to find a designer that understands your needs and loves you in return can be pretty tricky, overwhelming and down right frustrating. In all honesty it’s a bit like finding your soulmate. Are they available? Are they even interested? Do they get you? Are they going to text you back?

Before you know it your back in high school, the panic has set in and you’re not quite sure what to do next. Well, never fear, we are here to guide you through this troubled time. Here are our top 5 tips to find your dream designer.

  1. Do they have a solid brand?

    This is the easiest one to look out for and will save you so much time, if they say they are specialists in branding and they have a beautiful website with consistency across all platforms paired with beautiful imagery and fonts, then the chances are, they definitely know what they are doing. On the other hand, if they have a DIY website with pixelated imagery, mis-matched fonts that generally lacks aesthetics, then we suggest you run, run forrest run. The chances are if they can’t make a fab brand for themselves, they won’t be able to make one for you.


    This is a very important one, do you have a connection when you meet? Whether it’s a email, phone call or face to face, it’s important to have a connection and feel as though they value you and your business and aren’t just trying to make a quick dollar. The chances are if you find a designer that you have a good connection with, you won’t want to let them go. If you both feel comfortable together, enjoy each others company and respect one another, then you will build a solid brand together.


    Now, we know everybody loves a bargain, but the most important thing to remember is, price usually reflects the results. With branding comes a new business and usually little budget, our suggestion here is to save your pennies and invest in the right designer, Make sure you have that connection, love their style, work and personality before you think about cost. It might seem important at the time but if you find the right designer, invest in them and we promise you will make that money back within your first few weeks in business.


    What are other people saying about them? Reviews and referrals are everything when looking for ‘the one’. Ask a previous client or check their online testimonials. Many of our new clients have been referred to us by past clients, they already feel like they know us and trust us, and for many, it takes the worry and hassle away from the whole process.


    Everybody has a style, and we aren’t talking about socks and sandals here. It’s important to delve deep into designers past work. Their portfolio will tell you everything you need to know. If you love their past work, the chances are you will share a similar style and work well together.


“Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind.”

- Water LandoR



It’s important to consider everything when finding the right designer. Their portfolio, brand, price and style will all have a part to play but we truly believe connection (aka gut feeling) is the most important thing.


Notes to take away

  1. Price isn’t the most important factor.

  2. Looking at the design of their own brand with tell you a lot.

  3. It’s vital to have a connection with your designer.

  4. Make sure you like their portfolio, it will tell you all about their style.

  5. Always look into their reviews and testimonials.