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Our 5 biggest struggles

I’m sat here after having had a very late Sunday night with best friends and karaoke (I know, we’re so hip) we are slightly fragile and have definitely looked a whole lot better. We woke up this morning and realised that the fortnightly newsletter had slipped through the net of last weeks jobs and I now have 9 hours to write it, schedule it, cry a little, and market it - I can do this…

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5 steps to creating your own logo

Do you have a new business idea that is just a tiny spark of excitement? No budget, no idea, no plan but lots of drive? Yep. that sounds a bit like us 2 years ago. We started Betsy & Francis as experienced designers…We quickly learnt that being experienced designers was a teeny tiny drop in the ocean of what we actually needed to be to run a business successfully…

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7 steps to landing dream clients

“I want to work with you and I don’t care how much you charge”

Ever happened to you? Unless a dream counts, it hasn’t happened to us either, but we are getting closer. In the past 2 years we have gone from begging for work (work that we didn’t even particularly want) to creating dream work for dream clients who will happily pay us to do so.

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The power of illustration

We are just going to jump right in and say it….illustrations are magic; pure, shiny, delightful magic. Whether it’s on the cover of your fav magazine, plastered on the side of a bus or created to make health insurance seem a little less ‘yawn’. Illustration has the power to not only catch the eye, but tell to a story and do it in a way that delights your audience.

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