The power of illustration


We are just going to jump right in and say it….illustrations are magic; pure, shiny, delightful magic. Whether it’s on the cover of your fav magazine, plastered on the side of a bus or created to make health insurance seem a little less ‘yawn’. Illustration has the power to not only catch the eye, but tell to a story and do it in a way that delights your audience.

No matter what your business is, the chances are your brand needs illustration. If you already have illustrations, you go girl, you’re winning at life.  But if you don’t have illustrations, we suggest you poor a glass, put your comfy socks on and give this a read because we are about to twist that beautiful arm of yours…

Presenting *drum roll* Betsy & Francis’ '3 very important reasons why you should invest in illustration for your business so it can look amazing(er) and bring you more dollars and shiny new clients’


1st very important reason: It will bring your wonderful biz lots more biz

At this moment in time, are you thinking that you have a great stock image account and therefore you don’t need illustration to grab your users attention? Well just hold your horses, because illustration provides a unique departure from the photos we encounter every day, Shutterstock may be cheap and cheerful, but regrettably due to the amount of use, they no longer excite the user and unfortunately won’t make your business stand out from the crowd.

Now, we are complicated creatures, and it turns out we are visually-oriented complicated creatures, it has been proven that by placing illustration within your business, your user is five times more likely to remember your brand! Wow! On top of this, it is said that the visual aspect of any ad equates to 90% of the buyers decision, so even if you’re a brilliant little Wordsworth, without the added aesthetic of illustration, your brand won’t resonate as successfully as those with visuals.

So what’s next? How can you make this work to your advantage? Well we strongly recommend you immediately delete that dodgy stock account of yours and bring in some juicy, custom made illustration. You will soon become the cool kids on the block, you with stand out, your users will remember you and your business will expand!

2nd very important reason: Illustration will simplify your key message

You know what they say “a picture’s worth a thousand words”, well, it turns out that it’s more like 60,000 words, as our clever brains process images 60,000 times faster than text. You can pack way more information into an image compared to plain text, not only that, but the information will be way more engaging and easier to understand. Illustration allows you to exaggerate your expression in an effective way and will provide room for interpretation and imagination, making your message more powerful and direct.

3rd very important reason: it will dramatically improve your brand.

Illustration has the power to connect to your audience, it will define your business, make you stand out and communicate your message simply. With illustrations you have the power to create something completely unique to your brand, this will make your brand easier to recognise and remember. With illustration you have the power to create anything and everything your clever brain can think up, so jump into that imagination of yours, run wild and use this freedom to create an image that will make your brand memorable, effective and trustworthy.


“When you make illustrations, you’re supposed to have a subtext; you’re not just communicating words - you’re actually adding another story altogether.”




Basically, illustration is bloomin’ amazing and powerful. It is a story teller, eye-catcher, communicater and brain exciter. If you haven’t already, we highly recommend introducing illustration into your business, not only will it make you stand out from the crowd, if will define your brand, communicate your vision with clarity, resonate with your audience and just look bloody gorgeous.


Notes to take away

  1. Illustration is perfect for any business size.

  2. Illustration will make your user 5 times more likely to remember you.

  3. Our brains process images 60,000 times faster than text.

  4. Stock images no longer attract users.

  5. Illustration is the most effective way of telling a story.